Fat Buddha Newcastle

Fat Buddha Newcastle is a leading restaurant in newcastle upon tyne, it boasts one of the best venues in the city and some of the most iconic dishes in the city.
We were approached to bring their online presence up to date and give their website a fresh new look going into 2018. We delivered one of the best looking and user friendly restaurant websites Newcastle. We then had the task of growing their social channels from absolutely zero. We created brand new accounts and started engaging new and old customers alike. The results in this short time speak for themselves.


After the recent takeover the new owner came to us to bring the brand up to date with a breath taking website.
He also needed us to work our magic with their socials starting from fresh.


We took a few weeks to come up with the perfect website design, we needed it to be fresh but also functional showing the amazing venue off as well as showcasing the updated menus.
We brought a robust social media marketing plan into action, posting many times per week driving huge engagement with the brand


We have grown the socials from new pages to now boast thousands of followers on each platform, we have one of the most active social profiles amongst restaurants in the north east. Our e-mail marketing has driven huge footfall for the restaurant too.

What we did for Fat Buddha Newcastle

Everything we have done for the brand so far.

Website Design

We created a brand new website to bring the restaurant brand up to date.

Facebook Marketing

We run weekly Facebook advertising campaigns targeting the locals of Newcastle

Social Media Management

We run a robust social media management campaign for the restaurant, boasting huge engagements and growths week over week.

E-mai Marketing

We send weekly updates to the restaurants huge marketing list, this includes specials for the week as well as menu updates