NE1 Social FAQ's

NE1 Social is ran by Jack Carr and Matt Loake, both with years of experience in different fields of social media.

Matt was at the forefront of Twitter, building huge engaging followings amongst multiple accounts, he has been managing and building brands from the very begging of twitter, he now boasts over 3.5M followers amongst his brands. Matt is the man behind all of the social media management here at NE1 social, he gets your posts out, he engages new and old audiences and also taps into your competitions audiences to make sure you are seen.

Jack is self taught from the age of 13 in web design and facebook marketing, building E-commerce sites for some of the biggest brands in the UK he builds sites with conversions in mind making sure every website is fully optimised for our clients sales. Heavily involved with multiple startups, Jack has brought companies from the birth with no website to successfully managing 100k+ advertising spends within the first 12 months. Jack will be managing all of your paid social advertising and web design builds.

We believe in transparency and ease of use here at NE1 Social.
Many companies try to milk clients and confuse them, that is not how we like to work and is not the company ethos we work by.
Everything from our websites to our social media management is all packaged up with a clear price and items you will get for the price meaning YOU have the power to choose what best fits your business.

As shown time and time again we go above and beyond for every client we work with, we really get to know you and your business, we have great relationships with everyone we work with.
We have taken brands from a literal idea to doing over 1M+ in sales in the first 12 months, there are very few agencies with this kind of reputation or that care that much about their clients success, the way we see it is if our clients are successful we will in turn be successful

The simple saying goes “Pay peanuts, get monkeys”
We have no doubt some companies are built on trying to compete with price, our work and previous results mean we do not need to build our company based solely on price.
We are very competitively priced and don’t believe you will not get better value for money or ROI with any company in the UK.

Yes of course!

We work very closely with all clients to make sure our design process is in line with what is in your head and brand, we will send back revisions that you will be able to give direction on to make sure the finished product is exactly what you’re looking for.

Yes we offer design, copywriting and photography services, we work closely with some of the top photographers in the North east for many of our clients.
We have a great relationship with many top designers and photography studios, if you need products photographed we can make the process effortless and take on all of the work for you.